Tapovan has been established in order to demonstrate how to create a balanced eco-system from a totally degraded environment using the principles of Vedic science, presented in the modern context as Homa Organic Farming.
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Tapovan Update November 2016

Excellent ginger crop

Wonderful turmeric crop

New Moringa plantation. Superfood of the future.

Tapovan now boasts three school buses

Changing of the Guard

Prabhakar Patil
Over the past year Tapovan has witnessed a gradual changing of the guard, so to speak, in the personnel who are maintaining the 24 hour round-the-clock Yajnya. In particular the two people who have anchored the night shift hours since the Yajnya began in 2001, i.e. Prabhakar Patil (left) and Tyrambak Khankare (right), have now retired from active duty. We honour the great contribution which they have made to keeping this special fire alive for so many years. Without their devotion we could not have maintained 15 years of continuous fire.
Tryambak Khankare

Shree Vasant's Mahasamadhi

On 30th December, 2008 the Great Master, Shree Vasant Paranjpe left the physical body. Many people from various countries gathered in Tapovan for a final farewell to the Great Master. Tapovan is the site of Shree Vasant's Mahasamadhi. We are deeply honoured that Shree Vasant chose Tapovan as His final resting place.

New School Year Starts

Here in Tapovan the new school year has started. The school has now expanded to more than 200 children ranging in age from nursery up to 4th standard. We now have a third school bus to allow for efficient transportation. Some children come from villages 8 to 9 km away.

Tapovan Update

After a long hot, dry summer Tapovan still looks remarkably green in spite of the extreme drought conditions. Now only hours away from the beginning of the monsoon. We are all praying for good rains this year.

Photo right: View from the roof of the godown

Newsletter November 2015

Dear Friends of Tapovan,

Extremely low rainfall this year due to failed monsoon has led the government to declare the whole of our state drought affected. In spite of this, Tapovan is still looking very green and we are still producing organic vegetables, pulses, grains, herbs and fruits from Tapovan vegetable garden and orchards, while surrounding farms are in severe loss... Aaron has inspired Bharat (below left) over the years to take charge of the garden and to replant seeds regularly for ongoing production and seed-bank.

Evening Agnihotra in the Yajnya Shala

Yoga Classes with "the Tapovan Boys"

Homa Children of Tapovan

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